Beech Wood and Sisal bristle Dish Brush

Beech Wood and Sisal bristle Dish Brush

This eco-friendly plant based dish brush is a must have in every home! Made from beech wood and sisal fibre bristles, this multipurpose dish brush is not only plastic free, but also biodegradable.

When the bristles are looking a little worn, you can simply remove the head and replace it with a new one!

Please be advised that you are purchasing one complete dish brush, additional heads can be purchased separately. 

Make sure you oil your brush with chopping board oil before use to avoid cracking, and be sure to allow your brush to dry after use.

Karla, Victoria

"The owner Laura is the sweetest human and always shows me the best customer service and care. Thank you so much Laura for your beautiful wraps! they are an absolute staple in my household"

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